Houses for sale & to rent in Macclesfield Central, Macclesfield

House Prices in Macclesfield Central

Properties in Macclesfield Central have an average house price of £196,320.00 and had 968 Property Transactions within the last 3 years.
The most expensive property was sold for £8,826,063.00.
This neighbourhood has 4,483 households and an area of 1 square miles. Macclesfield Central an area in Macclesfield town, Cheshire district.

Property Price Paid in Macclesfield Central by Year

The average Property price by year was:

Year Average Sold Price % Change from Previous Year Sold Properties
2020 £285,034.00
110 Properties
2019 £197,248.00
266 Properties
2018 £189,036.00
296 Properties
2017 £169,802.00
296 Properties
2016 £179,830.00
294 Properties
2015 £158,330.00
305 Properties
2014 £131,531.00
226 Properties
2013 £141,300.00
200 Properties
2012 £126,576.00
148 Properties
2011 £127,146.00
132 Properties
2010 £137,602.00
118 Properties
2009 £124,145.00
138 Properties
2008 £136,177.00
160 Properties
2007 £148,352.00
392 Properties
2006 £135,980.00
395 Properties
2005 £126,211.00
297 Properties
2004 £125,917.00
387 Properties
2003 £98,997.00
374 Properties
2002 £83,421.00
481 Properties
2001 £71,163.00
366 Properties
2000 £73,716.00
401 Properties
1999 £57,280.00
420 Properties
1998 £50,586.00
298 Properties
1997 £46,694.00
247 Properties
1996 £45,579.00
279 Properties
1995 £47,537.00
215 Properties

Property Price per Property Type in Macclesfield Central

The average Property Paid Price for specific property types in the last three years are:

Property Type Average Sold Price Sold Properties
Other Property £487,877.00 95 Other Properties
Flat £116,378.00 147 Flats
Terraced House £153,209.00 579 Terraced Houses
Detached House £348,687.00 37 Detached Houses
Semi Detached House £227,023.00 110 Semi Detached Houses

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Streets Postcodes
Longacre Street SK10 1AN
SK10 1EA SK10 1SA SK10 1SB SK10 1SD SK10 1SE SK10 1SF SK10 1SG SK10 1SH SK10 1SJ SK10 1SL SK10 1SN SK10 1SP SK10 1SQ SK10 1SR SK10 1SS SK10 1ST SK10 1SU SK10 1SW SK10 1SX SK10 1SY SK10 1SZ SK10 1TA SK10 1TB SK10 1TD SK10 1TE SK10 1TF SK10 1TG SK10 1TH SK10 1TJ SK10 1TL SK10 1TN SK10 1TP SK10 1TQ SK10 1TR SK10 1TS SK10 1TT SK10 1TU SK10 1TW SK10 1TX SK10 1TY SK10 1TZ SK10 1UA SK10 1UB SK10 1UD SK10 1UE SK10 1UF SK10 1UG SK10 1UH SK10 1UJ SK10 1UL SK10 1UN SK10 1UP SK10 1UQ SK10 1UR SK10 1US SK10 1UT SK10 1UU SK10 1UW SK10 1UX SK10 1WZ SK10 2HR SK10 4DH SK10 4GJ SK10 4LX SK10 4WH SK10 4WX SK10 4XZ SK10 5SU SK10 5TP SK10 5XU SK10 9AR SK10 9DB SK10 9DJ SK10 9ER SK10 9ES SK10 9FX SK10 9GS SK10 9HF SK10 9HH SK10 9HT SK10 9JB SK10 9JE SK10 9JH SK10 9LD SK10 9LP SK10 9LZ SK10 9NG SK10 9NP SK10 9NQ SK10 9NR SK10 9NU SK10 9NW SK10 9NX SK10 9NY SK10 9PB SK10 9PF SK10 9PH SK10 9PJ SK10 9PN SK10 9PP SK10 9PQ SK10 9PR SK10 9PS SK10 9PT SK10 9PU SK10 9PW SK10 9PY SK10 9PZ SK10 9QE SK10 9QF SK10 9QG SK10 9QH SK10 9QJ SK10 9QL SK10 9QN SK10 9QP SK10 9QQ SK10 9QR SK10 9QS SK10 9QT SK10 9QU SK10 9QW SK10 9QX SK10 9QY SK10 9QZ SK10 9RA SK10 9RB SK10 9RD SK10 9RE SK10 9RF SK10 9RG SK10 9RH SK10 9RJ SK10 9RL SK10 9RN SK10 9RP SK10 9RQ SK10 9RR SK10 9RS SK10 9RT SK10 9RU SK10 9RW SK10 9RX SK10 9RY SK10 9RZ SK10 9SA SK10 9SB SK10 9SD SK10 9SE SK10 9SF SK10 9SG SK10 9SH SK10 9SJ SK10 9SL SK10 9SN SK10 9SP SK10 9SQ SK10 9SR SK10 9SS SK10 9ST SK10 9SU SK10 9SW SK10 9SX SK10 9SY SK10 9SZ SK10 9TA SK10 9TB SK10 9TD SK10 9TE SK10 9TF SK10 9TG SK10 9TH SK10 9TJ SK10 9TL SK10 9TN SK10 9TP SK10 9TQ SK10 9TR SK10 9TS SK10 9TT SK10 9TU SK10 9TW SK10 9TX SK10 9TY SK10 9TZ SK10 9UA SK10 9UB SK10 9UD SK10 9UE SK10 9UF SK10 9UG SK10 9UH SK10 9UJ SK10 9UL SK10 9UN SK10 9UP SK10 9UQ SK10 9UR SK10 9US SK10 9UT SK10 9UU SK10 9UW SK10 9UX SK10 9UY SK10 9UZ SK10 9WA SK10 9WB SK10 9WD SK10 9WE SK10 9WF SK10 9WG SK10 9WH SK10 9WJ SK10 9WL SK10 9WN SK10 9WP SK10 9WR SK10 9WS SK10 9WT SK10 9WU SK10 9WW SK10 9WX SK10 9WY SK10 9WZ SK10 9XA SK10 9XB SK10 9XD SK10 9XE SK10 9XF SK10 9XG SK10 9XH SK10 9XJ SK10 9XL SK10 9XN SK10 9XP SK10 9XQ SK10 9XR SK10 9XS SK10 9XT SK10 9XU SK10 9XW SK10 9XX SK10 9XY SK10 9XZ SK10 9YA SK10 9YB SK10 9YD SK10 9YE SK10 9YF SK10 9YG SK10 9YH SK10 9YJ SK10 9YL SK10 9YN SK10 9YP SK10 9YQ SK10 9YR SK10 9YS SK10 9YT SK10 9YU SK10 9YW SK10 9YX SK10 9YY SK10 9YZ SK10 9ZA SK10 9ZB SK10 9ZD SK10 9ZE SK10 9ZF SK10 9ZG SK10 9ZH SK10 9ZJ SK10 9ZL SK10 9ZN SK10 9ZP SK10 9ZQ SK10 9ZR SK10 9ZS SK10 9ZT SK10 9ZU SK10 9ZW SK10 9ZX SK10 9ZY SK10 9ZZ SK11 6BS SK11 6WR SK11 6WY SK11 8GD SK11 9WA SK11 9WS