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House Prices in Plympton St Mary

Properties in Plympton St Mary have an average house price of £233,051.00 and had 558 Property Transactions within the last 3 years.
The most expensive property was sold for £1,110,000.00.
This neighbourhood has 5,231 households and an area of 2 square miles. Plympton St Mary an area in Plymouth town, City of Plymouth district.

Property Price Paid in Plympton St Mary by Year

The average sold property price by year was:

Year Average Sold Price % Change from Previous Year Sold Properties
2021 £241,334.00
164 Properties
2020 £241,469.00
181 Properties
2019 £219,520.00
213 Properties
2018 £219,879.00
226 Properties
2017 £208,291.00
207 Properties
2016 £216,346.00
228 Properties
2015 £198,958.00
226 Properties
2014 £188,164.00
232 Properties
2013 £181,182.00
213 Properties
2012 £189,097.00
173 Properties
2011 £178,267.00
187 Properties
2010 £178,763.00
176 Properties
2009 £169,839.00
185 Properties
2008 £175,453.00
219 Properties
2007 £191,270.00
277 Properties
2006 £177,876.00
393 Properties
2005 £171,594.00
261 Properties
2004 £151,455.00
230 Properties
2003 £132,859.00
226 Properties
2002 £113,564.00
269 Properties
2001 £102,447.00
261 Properties
2000 £74,658.00
229 Properties
1999 £67,008.00
317 Properties
1998 £65,253.00
299 Properties
1997 £63,454.00
293 Properties
1996 £55,462.00
214 Properties
1995 £56,043.00
187 Properties
Source: Land Registry

Property Price per Property Type in Plympton St Mary

Here you can find historic sold price data in order to help with your property search.

The average Property Paid Price for specific property types in the last three years are:

Property Type Average Sold Price Sold Properties
Other Property £233,636.00 11 Other Properties
Terraced House £199,215.00 80 Terraced Houses
Flat £142,875.00 48 Flats
Detached House £329,489.00 98 Detached Houses
Semi Detached House £225,506.00 321 Semi Detached Houses
Source: Land Registry

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Roads and Postcodes in Plympton St Mary

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Streets Postcodes
Ridgeway PL7 2AA PL7 2AW PL7 2HJ PL7 2HP PL7 2AE PL7 2AP
Old Mill Court PL7 2AJ
Station Road PL7 2AT PL7 2AU PL7 2AY PL7 2FR PL7 2ZW
Geasons Lane PL7 2BB
Ridge Park Road PL7 2BG PL7 2BS PL7 2FG
Moorland Road PL7 2BH PL7 2BJ PL7 2BL PL7 2BN PL7 2RS
Ridge Park PL7 2BP
David Close PL7 2BQ
Earls Mill Road PL7 2BU PL7 2BX
Elm Grove PL7 2BW
Moorland Drive PL7 2BY PL7 2BZ
Moorland Avenue PL7 2DA PL7 2DD
George Avenue PL7 2DB
Torridge Road PL7 2DG PL7 2DQ
Torridge Close PL7 2DH
Newnham Way PL7 2DJ
Stoggy Lane PL7 2DL PL7 2DN
Pinewood Close PL7 2DW
Hemerdon Heights PL7 2EX PL7 2EY PL7 2EZ PL7 2HA PL7 2TJ PL7 2TY
Moorland Gardens PL7 2FP
Tory Brook Court PL7 2FY
Harewood Close PL7 2FZ
Swan Gardens PL7 2HF
Stable Cottages PL7 2HL
Grebe Close PL7 2HQ
Tern Gardens PL7 2HZ
Mallard Close PL7 2LF
Colebrook Road PL7 4AA PL7 4AP
Greenbank Terrace PL7 4AB
Holborn Place PL7 4AD
Nursery Cottages PL7 4AE
Cliff Cottages PL7 4AG
Coles Cottages PL7 4AH
Orchard Villas PL7 4AJ
Golden Square PL7 4AL
Torbridge Road PL7 4AX
Lister Close PL7 4BA
Clifton Avenue PL7 4BH PL7 4BJ
Clifton Close PL7 4BL
Colebrook Lane PL7 4BN
Perryman Close PL7 4BP
Deeble Close PL7 4BR
Rhodes Close PL7 4BS
Elford Crescent PL7 4BT PL7 4BU
Birkbeck Close PL7 4BW
Plintona View PL7 4BX
Waddon Close PL7 4BY
Rashleigh Avenue PL7 4DA
Avent Walk PL7 4DB
Brett Walk PL7 4DD
Blanchard Place PL7 4DE
Perseverance Cottages PL7 4DF
Morley Cottages PL7 4DH
Ivy Cottages PL7 4DQ
Devonia Close PL7 4DS
Fairfield PL7 4DT
Delacombe Close PL7 4DU
Boringdon Villas PL7 4DY
Boringdon Road PL7 4DZ PL7 4EA
Boringdon Terrace PL7 4EB
Toriana Place PL7 4ED
Hemerdon Villas PL7 4EE
Linkadells PL7 4EF
Revell Park Road PL7 4EH PL7 4EJ PL7 4EL
Tory Way PL7 4EN
Treverbyn Road PL7 4EP PL7 4ER
Linkadell Villas PL7 4ES
Lucas Lane PL7 4ET PL7 4EU PL7 4EX PL7 4EY
The Lane PL7 4EW
Alston Park PL7 4FA
Hemerdon Way PL7 4HA
Highbury Crescent PL7 4HB
Dean Road PL7 4HE
Bainbridge Court PL7 4HH
Courtland Crescent PL7 4HJ PL7 4HL PL7 4HN
School Close PL7 4HP
Plymbridge Gardens PL7 4HQ
Boringdon Close PL7 4HR
The Mead PL7 4HS PL7 4HT
Crossway PL7 4HU PL7 4HX PL7 4HY PL7 4HZ PL7 4JA
Jessops PL7 4HW
Meadow Way PL7 4JB
Long Meadow PL7 4JD
South View Park PL7 4JE
South View Close PL7 4JF
Long Meadow Close PL7 4JG
Buckland Close PL7 4JQ
Meadow View Road PL7 4JT
Vicarage Road PL7 4JU PL7 4JX
Morley View Road PL7 4JY
Oakfield Road PL7 4JZ
Woodland Road PL7 4LA
Trelawny Road PL7 4LH PL7 4LJ
Stone Barton Close PL7 4LL PL7 4LN PL7 4LW
Stone Barton Road PL7 4LP PL7 4LR PL7 4LS
Plymtree Drive PL7 4LX
Ashcombe Close PL7 4LY
Lynmouth Close PL7 4LZ
Acorn Gardens PL7 4NJ
Molesworth Road PL7 4NT PL7 4NU
Dingle Road PL7 4PA
Higher Woodford Lane PL7 4PD
St Marys Court PL7 4PE
Cranfield PL7 4PF
Larkham Lane PL7 4PG PL7 4PH PL7 4PJ PL7 4PL PL7 4PN PL7 4PP PL7 4PQ PL7 4PR PL7 4PW
The Dell PL7 4PS
St Marys Road PL7 4PT
Shearwood Close PL7 4PU
Larkham Close PL7 4PX
Reynolds Road PL7 4PY PL7 4PZ
Wren Gardens PL7 4QA
Farm Close PL7 4QB
Unicorn Close PL7 4QD
Cundy Close PL7 4QH
St Marys Close PL7 4QJ
Peacock Close PL7 4QL
Woodford Avenue PL7 4QN PL7 4QP PL7 4QS PL7 4QT PL7 4QU PL7 4QW
Tithe Road PL7 4QQ
Woodford Close PL7 4QX
Woodford Crescent PL7 4QY
Wheatridge PL7 4QZ
Church Close PL7 4RA
Litchaton Way PL7 4RB PL7 4RD
Litchaton Crescent PL7 4RE
St Margarets Road PL7 4RF PL7 4RG PL7 4RZ PL7 4SA PL7 4SB PL7 4SD
Harriet Gardens PL7 4RH
Treverbyn Close PL7 4RJ
Great Woodford Drive PL7 4RL PL7 4RP
Owen Drive PL7 4RN
Longacre PL7 4RQ
Greenway Avenue PL7 4RR
Woodford Green PL7 4RS
Braddons Hill PL7 4RT PL7 4RU
Triumphal Crescent PL7 4RW
Park Close PL7 4RX
Oakapple Close PL7 4RY
Lynwood Avenue PL7 4SE PL7 4SF PL7 4SG PL7 4SQ
The Knoll PL7 4SH PL7 4SJ
Coppard Meadows PL7 4SY
Compass Drive PL7 5DX
Birchwood Gardens PL7 5DY
Furzeacre Close PL7 5DZ
Newnham Close PL7 5EA
Highglen Drive PL7 5LA PL7 5LJ
Cornfield Gardens PL7 5LB
Upper Ridings PL7 5LD
Lower Ridings PL7 5LE
Bridle Close PL7 5LF
Aylwin Close PL7 2AD PL7 2DR
Glen Road PL7 2DE PL7 2XT
Stannary Lane PL7 2FH
Parkstone Lane PL7 2DF
Newnham Road PL7 4AN PL7 4AT PL7 4AW
Boringdon Hill PL7 4BD PL7 4DG PL7 4DJ PL7 4DL PL7 4DN
Raymond Way PL7 4EG
Plymbridge Road PL7 4LE PL7 4LF PL7 4LQ PL7 4QE PL7 4QF PL7 4QG
Plymouth Road PL7 4NA PL7 4NB PL7 4ND PL7 4NR
Seymour Road PL7 4NX PL7 4NY PL7 4NZ