Houses for sale & to rent in Bickerstaffe, Ormskirk

House Prices in Bickerstaffe

Properties in Bickerstaffe have an average house price of £280,093.00 and had 70 Property Transactions within the last 3 years.
The most expensive property was sold for £800,000.00.
This neighbourhood has 576 households and an area of 15 square miles. Bickerstaffe an area in Ormskirk town, Lancashire district.

Property Price Paid in Bickerstaffe by Year

The average Property price by year was:

Year Average Sold Price Sold Properties
2019 £260,111.00 18 Properties
2018 £318,742.00 17 Properties
2017 £258,356.00 18 Properties
2016 £285,619.00 17 Properties
2015 £240,502.00 12 Properties
2014 £213,361.00 18 Properties
2013 £235,541.00 12 Properties
2012 £209,295.00 10 Properties
2011 £207,166.00 9 Properties
2010 £274,190.00 5 Properties
2009 £176,658.00 6 Properties
2008 £260,045.00 11 Properties
2007 £265,696.00 15 Properties
2006 £227,197.00 20 Properties
2005 £187,280.00 15 Properties
2004 £200,673.00 16 Properties
2003 £212,037.00 29 Properties
2002 £187,051.00 23 Properties
2001 £96,574.00 20 Properties
2000 £101,420.00 23 Properties
1999 £96,688.00 13 Properties
1998 £99,289.00 19 Properties
1997 £78,247.00 22 Properties
1996 £79,458.00 20 Properties
1995 £85,519.00 13 Properties

Property Price per Property Type in Bickerstaffe

The average Property Paid Price for specific property types in the last three years are:

Property Type Average Sold Price Sold Properties
Detached House £327,372.00 18 Detached Houses
Semi Detached House £251,152.00 39 Semi Detached Houses
Other Property £437,142.00 7 Other Propertys
Terraced House £143,153.00 6 Terraced Houses

Transport near Bickerstaffe

  • Aughton Park Station
  • Ormskirk Station

Properties in the market for sale in Bickerstaffe

Roads and Postcodes in Bickerstaffe

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Streets Postcodes
Lathom Road L39 0EA
Church Road L39 0EB
Liverpool Road L39 0EE L39 0EF L39 0EG L39 0EQ
Hall Lane L39 0EH
Mercers Lane L39 0EJ
Mill View Court L39 0EL
Back Lane L39 0EN
Simonswood Lane L39 0ER
Barrow Nook Lane L39 0ET
Coach Road L39 0EU L39 0HP
Moss Lane L39 0EX
Lyelake Lane L39 0EY L40 6JW L40 6JX L40 6JZ L40 6LA
Skelmersdale Road L39 0EZ
Outlet Lane L39 0HA
Heyes Croft L39 0HB
Ormskirk Old Road L39 0HD
Rainford Road L39 0HE L39 0HF L39 0HQ L39 0JG
Coal Pit Lane L39 0HH
Holly Lane L39 0HJ
Ben Lane L39 0HL
Sineacre Lane L39 0HR
Intake Lane L39 0HW
Ben Lane Court L39 0HX
Long Lane L39 9EF
Grave Yard Lane L39 9EG
Poppy Lane L39 9EH
Croppers Lane L39 9EJ
Catharines Lane L39 9EL
High Lane L39 9EP
Bowkers Green Lane L39 9ER
Ormskirk Road L39 9EW L39 9EB L39 9EN L39 9ES
Scarth Hill Lane L40 6HD L40 6JP
Vale Lane L40 6JH
Plough Lane L40 6JL
Wigan Road L40 6JN
Spa Lane L40 6JQ
Stockley Crescent L39 0ED
New Way L39 0ES
Hursts Lane L39 0EW
Four Lane Ends L39 0JB