Houses for sale & to rent in Derby, Ormskirk

House Prices in Derby

Properties in Derby have an average house price of £243,139.00 and had 335 Property Transactions within the last 3 years.
The most expensive property was sold for £1,020,000.00.
This neighbourhood has 2,302 households and an area of 4 square miles. Derby an area in Ormskirk town, Lancashire district.

Property Price Paid in Derby by Year

The average Property price by year was:

Year Average Sold Price Sold Properties
2019 £247,215.00 66 Properties
2018 £259,595.00 79 Properties
2017 £231,631.00 82 Properties
2016 £237,349.00 108 Properties
2015 £214,657.00 73 Properties
2014 £239,085.00 91 Properties
2013 £218,498.00 101 Properties
2012 £201,621.00 91 Properties
2011 £219,717.00 80 Properties
2010 £229,195.00 71 Properties
2009 £199,970.00 60 Properties
2008 £206,725.00 78 Properties
2007 £222,067.00 135 Properties
2006 £192,091.00 123 Properties
2005 £202,490.00 84 Properties
2004 £186,670.00 112 Properties
2003 £167,953.00 99 Properties
2002 £116,211.00 110 Properties
2001 £100,734.00 102 Properties
2000 £102,483.00 120 Properties
1999 £91,771.00 120 Properties
1998 £77,473.00 93 Properties
1997 £82,367.00 103 Properties
1996 £73,124.00 69 Properties
1995 £68,626.00 65 Properties

Property Price per Property Type in Derby

The average Property Paid Price for specific property types in the last three years are:

Property Type Average Sold Price Sold Properties
Detached House £393,266.00 97 Detached Houses
Terraced House £164,519.00 66 Terraced Houses
Semi Detached House £191,575.00 126 Semi Detached Houses
Other Property £239,141.00 13 Other Propertys
Flat £157,555.00 33 Flats

Transport near Derby

  • Ormskirk Station
  • Aughton Park Station

Properties in the market for sale in Derby

Roads and Postcodes in Derby

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Streets Postcodes
Stone Yard Close L39 2AF
Moor Street L39 2AG L39 2AW
Wigan Road L39 2AP L39 2AS L39 2AT L39 2AU L39 2BA L40 6HY L40 6HZ L39 2AZ L39 2JW L39 2YA
Sunnyfields L39 2BB
Crosshall Brow L39 2BD L39 2BE L40 6JD L40 6JE L40 6JF
Stone Mason Crescent L39 2BF L39 2BN
Thompson Avenue L39 2BG L39 2BH L39 2BQ
Greetby Walk L39 2BU
Derby Street L39 2BW L39 2DE L39 2BS L39 2DQ L39 2SA L39 2SB L39 2SD L39 2SE L39 2SF L39 2SG L39 2SH L39 2SJ L39 2SL L39 2SN L39 2SP L39 2SQ L39 2SR L39 2SS L39 2ST L39 2SU L39 2SW L39 2SX L39 2SY L39 2SZ L39 2TA L39 2TB L39 2TD L39 2TE L39 2TF L39 2TH L39 2ZX
Stanley Street L39 2DH
West View L39 2DJ
Greetby Hill L39 2DP L39 2DR L39 2DS L39 2DT L39 2DU
Delph Top L39 2DX
Nursery Avenue L39 2DY L39 2DZ
Pendle Drive L39 2EA
Edgley Drive L39 2EB
Taylor Avenue L39 2ED
Tower Hill L39 2EE L39 2EF
Latham Avenue L39 2EU
Meadow Bank L39 2HG
Oak Green L39 2HH
School House Green L39 2HJ
Willow Green L39 2HQ
Oakfields L39 2HZ
Quarry Mount L39 2JN
Derby Hill Road L39 2XH
Derby Hill Crescent L39 2XJ
Bath Springs L39 2XP
Norfield L39 2XR
Charlesbye Avenue L39 2XY
Charlesbye Close L39 2XZ
Field Walk L39 2YF
Station Approach L39 2YN
Hall Brow Close L39 2YX
Pinfold Road L39 4AB
Merchant Road L39 4AD
Spinner Mews L39 4AE
Silk Court L39 4AF
Mulberry Close L39 4AG
Warpers Way L39 4AS
Grammar School Gardens L39 4PT L39 4UN L39 4PS
Grammar School Court L39 4PY
Moss View L39 4QA
Windmill Avenue L39 4QB
Mill Street L39 4QD
Chapel Street L39 4QE L39 4QF L39 4QQ
St Helens Road L39 4QJ L39 4QL L39 4QR L39 4QT L39 4QW L39 9EA
Milton Drive L39 4QU
Ruff Lane L39 4QX L39 4QZ L39 4UL L39 4UP L40 6HA
Weldon Drive L39 4RA
Knowsley Road L39 4RB
Small Lane L39 4RD
Brook Lane L39 4RE L39 4RF
Altys Lane L39 4RG L39 4RQ
Bridge Street L39 4RJ
Elm Place L39 4TS
Furness Avenue L39 4TT
Ravenscroft Avenue L39 4TY L39 4TZ
Normanhurst L39 4UZ
Chapel Moss L39 4XE
Millers Court L39 4XF
Beech Meadow L39 4XL
Statham Way L39 4XR
Blairgowrie Gardens L39 4YE
Dark Lane L40 5TR L40 5TS
Lathom Lane L40 5TT
Lunds Close L40 6GA
Bewcastle Drive L40 6HB
Whiteleys Lane L40 6HE
Vicarage Lane L40 6HG L40 6HQ
Wellfield Lane L40 6HH
Varlian Close L40 6HJ
School Lane L40 6HL L40 6HN L40 6HW
Forge Close L40 6HP
Green Acre L40 6HR
Holly Close L40 6HS
Ormond Avenue L40 6HT
Castle Lane L40 6HU L40 5UH
Dicks Lane L40 6JA
Halton Chase L40 6JR
Meadow Close L40 6JS
St James Close L40 6JU
Vicarage Close L40 6LD
Meadowbridge Close L40 6LP
Bath Springs Court L39 2YG
St. Helens Road L39 4AA L39 4AH L39 4AJ L39 4AL L39 4AN L39 4AP L39 4AQ L39 4AR L39 4AU L39 4AW L39 4AX L39 4AY L39 4PZ L39 4QP L39 4RZ L39 4YF
Chapel Mews L39 4XB
Scarth Hill Lane L39 9ED
Charity Lane L40 6LG