Houses for sale & to rent in Knowsley, Ormskirk

House Prices in Knowsley

Properties in Knowsley have an average house price of £203,182.00 and had 373 Property Transactions within the last 3 years.
The most expensive property was sold for £670,000.00.
This neighbourhood has 2,396 households and an area of 1 square miles. Knowsley an area in Ormskirk town, Lancashire district.

Property Price Paid in Knowsley by Year

The average Property price by year was:

Year Average Sold Price Sold Properties
2019 £187,510.00 66 Properties
2018 £216,529.00 96 Properties
2017 £202,538.00 110 Properties
2016 £201,440.00 101 Properties
2015 £235,725.00 100 Properties
2014 £179,316.00 92 Properties
2013 £190,540.00 77 Properties
2012 £181,503.00 65 Properties
2011 £186,811.00 57 Properties
2010 £191,851.00 59 Properties
2009 £163,570.00 59 Properties
2008 £194,309.00 57 Properties
2007 £195,498.00 114 Properties
2006 £184,271.00 100 Properties
2005 £180,363.00 90 Properties
2004 £165,300.00 109 Properties
2003 £130,279.00 126 Properties
2002 £108,519.00 127 Properties
2001 £95,564.00 118 Properties
2000 £84,217.00 114 Properties
1999 £88,628.00 154 Properties
1998 £73,591.00 124 Properties
1997 £66,544.00 125 Properties
1996 £64,744.00 75 Properties
1995 £63,172.00 61 Properties

Property Price per Property Type in Knowsley

The average Property Paid Price for specific property types in the last three years are:

Property Type Average Sold Price Sold Properties
Terraced House £173,461.00 73 Terraced Houses
Semi Detached House £194,190.00 190 Semi Detached Houses
Detached House £301,659.00 71 Detached Houses
Flat £108,927.00 34 Flats
Other Property £221,400.00 5 Other Propertys

Transport near Knowsley

  • Ormskirk Station
  • Aughton Park Station

Properties in the market for sale in Knowsley

Roads and Postcodes in Knowsley

Navigate through our locations to find the location of your next house in Knowsley, Ormskirk for sale or to rent.

Streets Postcodes
Southport Road L39 1LN L39 1LU L39 1LW
Rosecroft Close L39 1QN
Blindmans Lane L39 3AD
Vicarage Walk L39 3AL
Church Fields L39 3AR
Halsall Lane L39 3AS L39 3AT L39 3AU L39 3AX
Cotton Drive L39 3AY L39 3AZ
The Avenue L39 3BA
Church Hill Road L39 3BB
Loves Cottages L39 3BD
Whiterails Drive L39 3BE
Asmall Lane L39 3BG L39 8RA
Aughton Street L39 3BH L39 3BN L39 3BP L39 3BS L39 3BT L39 3BW L39 3LG L39 3LQ L39 3AH L39 3BJ
Brickmakers Arms Yard L39 3BQ
Park Avenue L39 3LB
Holborn Hill L39 3LH L39 3LJ L39 4SU L39 4SX
Kinloch Way L39 3LT
County Road L39 3LU L39 3LY L39 1RB
Brighouse Close L39 3NA L39 3NB
Rothwell Close L39 3ND
Cottage Lane L39 3NE L39 3NF L39 3NG L39 3NJ L39 3NQ
Garnett Green L39 3NL
Redgate L39 3NN L39 3NP L39 3NR L39 3NW L39 3NY
Redwood Drive L39 3NS
Cedar Crescent L39 3NT
Beechwood Drive L39 3NU L39 3NX
Cottage Mews L39 3NZ
Oak Avenue L39 3PA
Ash Close L39 3PB
The Orchard L39 3PD
Brookhouse Road L39 3PH
Tennyson Drive L39 3PJ L39 3PL
Wordsworth Close L39 3PN
Shelley Drive L39 3PR
Halsall Court L39 3PU
Asmall Close L39 3PX
Sanfield Close L39 3QH
Holborn Drive L39 3QL
The Reeds L39 3QN
Bridge Avenue L39 4PL L39 4RL
Bridge Street L39 4RH
Dyers Lane L39 4RN L39 4RW
Queen Street L39 4RR
Ryburn Road L39 4SB L39 4SD
Calder Avenue L39 4SE L39 4SF
Peet Avenue L39 4SH
Milman Close L39 4SJ
Prescot Road L39 4SL L39 4SW L39 4TG L39 4TQ
Claremont Drive L39 4SP
Woodfield Road L39 4SR
Tarn Brow L39 4SS
Spinney Close L39 4ST
Bebles Road L39 4SY L39 4SZ
St Annes Road L39 4TA
Wimbrick Crescent L39 4TB
Hill Side Avenue L39 4TD
Colinmander Gardens L39 4TE L39 4TF
Hill Top Walk L39 4TH
Old Mill Hill L39 4TJ
St Bedes Close L39 4TL
Black Moss Lane L39 4TN L39 4UF L39 4YX L39 4TW
High Moss L39 4TP
Railway Path L39 4TR
Gore Drive L39 4UA
Barnes Road L39 4UB
Redcliffe Gardens L39 4UR
Prescot Green L39 4US
Priory Grove L39 4XJ
Brook Farm Close L39 4YA
Chestnut Grange L39 4YG
Parkfield Close L39 4YH
Wimbrick Close L39 4YJ
Whiterails Mews L39 8RQ
Tatlocks Grange L39 8TR
Moor Street L39 2AL L39 2AQ L39 2XN
PARK ROAD L39 3AJ L39 3BL L39 3BY L39 3RB L39 4BH
Cottage Close L39 3PY
Two Saints Place L39 3RN
Town End Close L39 4GA
South Terrace L39 4RS