Houses for sale & to rent in Aughton Park, Ormskirk

House Prices in Aughton Park

Properties in Aughton Park have an average house price of £331,928.00 and had 293 Property Transactions within the last 3 years.
The most expensive property was sold for £1,200,000.00.
This neighbourhood has 1,506 households and an area of 5 square miles. Aughton Park an area in Ormskirk town, Lancashire district.

Property Price Paid in Aughton Park by Year

The average Property price by year was:

Year Average Sold Price Sold Properties
2019 £327,094.00 45 Properties
2018 £349,518.00 77 Properties
2017 £344,698.00 90 Properties
2016 £303,702.00 81 Properties
2015 £295,582.00 70 Properties
2014 £270,306.00 58 Properties
2013 £289,125.00 60 Properties
2012 £245,683.00 47 Properties
2011 £251,095.00 33 Properties
2010 £278,276.00 42 Properties
2009 £268,490.00 42 Properties
2008 £275,395.00 36 Properties
2007 £340,062.00 64 Properties
2006 £260,709.00 56 Properties
2005 £302,570.00 48 Properties
2004 £249,100.00 55 Properties
2003 £206,525.00 70 Properties
2002 £178,758.00 88 Properties
2001 £162,937.00 63 Properties
2000 £145,661.00 66 Properties
1999 £114,280.00 85 Properties
1998 £102,612.00 86 Properties
1997 £104,608.00 73 Properties
1996 £92,705.00 47 Properties
1995 £88,541.00 48 Properties

Property Price per Property Type in Aughton Park

The average Property Paid Price for specific property types in the last three years are:

Property Type Average Sold Price Sold Properties
Detached House £431,077.00 140 Detached Houses
Semi Detached House £241,246.00 84 Semi Detached Houses
Terraced House £224,963.00 32 Terraced Houses
Flat £192,005.00 28 Flats
Other Property £451,611.00 9 Other Propertys

Transport near Aughton Park

  • Aughton Park Station
  • Town Green Station
  • Ormskirk Station

Properties in the market for sale in Aughton Park

Roads and Postcodes in Aughton Park

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Streets Postcodes
Turnpike Road L39 3LF
Liverpool Road L39 3LL L39 3LW L39 5AP L39 3LN
Gaw Hill Lane L39 3LR L39 7HA L39 3LS
Gaw Hill View L39 3QX
Redsands L39 4SG L39 4SQ
Prescot Road L39 4SN L39 5AE L39 5AG L39 5AF
The Paddock L39 4TU
Red Fold L39 4TX
New Lane L39 4UD
Black Moss Lane L39 4UE L39 4UG
Scarth Hill Lane L39 4UH
Rose Place L39 4UJ
Hallmoor Close L39 4UQ
Butterfield Gardens L39 4XN
Convent Close L39 4XP
Rosehill Drive L39 5AA
Cromfield L39 5AB
Orchard View L39 5AD
Rothwell Drive L39 5AN L39 5AW
Standhouse Lane L39 5AR
Long Lane L39 5AS L39 5AT L39 5BT L39 5BU L39 5BY L39 5BZ L39 5DA L39 9EE L39 5DB
Victoria Road L39 5AU
Swanpool Lane L39 5AX L39 5AY L39 5AZ
Sherwood Avenue L39 5BA
Lynwood Avenue L39 5BB
Meadow Drive L39 5BD
Haven Brow L39 5BE
Moss Delph Lane L39 5BH L39 5BJ L39 5DY
Greenwood Close L39 5BL
Westhaven Crescent L39 5BN L39 5BW
Parrs Lane L39 5BP
Moss Bank L39 5DD
Ennerdale Drive L39 5EA L39 5HF
Cromwell Close L39 5ET
Eskdale Avenue L39 5EU L39 5EX
Ryder Crescent L39 5EY L39 5EZ
The Acorns L39 5FB
Greystokes L39 5HE
Ryder Close L39 5HJ
Pine Crest L39 5HX
Lynwood End L39 5JA
Sandfield Park L39 5JQ
Greenbank L39 5JX
Beaumont Crescent L39 5QA
Carmel Close L39 5QB
Delph Close L39 5QF
Swan Delph L39 5QG
Cygnet Close L39 5QH
Mallard Close L39 5QJ
Drake Close L39 5QL
Teal Close L39 5QQ
Moss Nook L39 5QS
Aughton Park Drive L39 5RA L39 5RB L39 5RD L39 5RE L39 5RF L39 5RJ L39 5RL L39 5QE
Holly Lane L39 7HB
Narrow Lane L39 7HD L39 7LJ
Booths Lane L39 7HE L39 7HF
Formby Lane L39 7HG
Fir Tree Lane L39 7HH
Firs Lane L39 7HL
Clieves Hills Lane L39 7HP
Shepherds Lane L39 7LB
The Hollies L39 7LE
Cut Lane L39 8RD
Martin Close L39 4AT