Houses for sale & to rent in Aughton And Downholland, Ormskirk

House Prices in Aughton And Downholland

Properties in Aughton And Downholland have an average house price of £317,130.00 and had 293 Property Transactions within the last 3 years.
The most expensive property was sold for £1,350,000.00.
This neighbourhood has 2,098 households and an area of 19 square miles. Aughton And Downholland an area in Ormskirk town, Lancashire district.

Property Price Paid in Aughton And Downholland by Year

The average Property price by year was:

Year Average Sold Price Sold Properties
2019 £305,436.00 49 Properties
2018 £328,403.00 71 Properties
2017 £301,959.00 96 Properties
2016 £333,091.00 77 Properties
2015 £323,385.00 77 Properties
2014 £252,410.00 83 Properties
2013 £236,299.00 74 Properties
2012 £258,225.00 72 Properties
2011 £267,755.00 48 Properties
2010 £285,886.00 45 Properties
2009 £271,926.00 56 Properties
2008 £322,936.00 38 Properties
2007 £276,837.00 82 Properties
2006 £263,194.00 85 Properties
2005 £224,167.00 54 Properties
2004 £262,815.00 100 Properties
2003 £185,716.00 83 Properties
2002 £172,317.00 97 Properties
2001 £136,637.00 84 Properties
2000 £143,490.00 92 Properties
1999 £129,159.00 123 Properties
1998 £122,723.00 78 Properties
1997 £102,132.00 66 Properties
1996 £101,664.00 53 Properties
1995 £112,609.00 55 Properties

Property Price per Property Type in Aughton And Downholland

The average Property Paid Price for specific property types in the last three years are:

Property Type Average Sold Price Sold Properties
Semi Detached House £211,769.00 106 Semi Detached Houses
Other Property £465,034.00 16 Other Propertys
Detached House £415,197.00 138 Detached Houses
Terraced House £184,734.00 25 Terraced Houses
Flat £139,437.00 8 Flats

Transport near Aughton And Downholland

  • Town Green Station
  • Aughton Park Station
  • Ormskirk Station
  • Maghull Station
  • Kirkby (Merseyside) Station
  • Old Roan Station

Properties in the market for sale in Aughton And Downholland

Roads and Postcodes in Aughton And Downholland

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Streets Postcodes
Turnpike Road L39 3LD
Hill Rise View L39 3RG
Beaufort Close L39 3RH
Cirrus Drive L39 3RJ
Bracknel Way L39 3RQ
Norris House Drive L39 5AH
Cole Crescent L39 5AJ
Dingle Close L39 5AL
Prescot Road L39 5AQ L39 6RR L39 6RS L39 6TA L39 6RT
Quarry Drive L39 5BQ L39 5BG
Maltkiln Lane L39 5BS
Delph Park Avenue L39 5DE L39 5DF L39 5DG L39 5DQ
Winifred Lane L39 5DH L39 5DJ L39 5DL
Delph Common Road L39 5DN L39 5DW
School Close L39 5DP
Crescent Green L39 5DR
Granville Park L39 5DS L39 5DT L39 5DU L39 5DX
Moss Delph Lane L39 5DZ
Delph Lane L39 5EB
Fernhurst Gate L39 5ED
Noel Gate L39 5EE L39 5EF L39 5EG L39 5EQ
Cherry Tree Lane L39 5EH
Cherry Green L39 5EJ
Park Link L39 5EL
Narrow Lane L39 5EN L39 5EW
Croft Heys L39 5EP
Narrow Croft Road L39 5ER
East Mead L39 5ES
Capilano Park L39 5HA
Thornhill Close L39 5HB
Thornhill L39 5HD
Granville Close L39 5HL
Granville Park West L39 5HS
Molyneux Road L39 6RB
Whalley Drive L39 6RD L39 6RE L39 6RF L39 6TH
Middlewood Road L39 6RG L39 6RH
Middlewood Close L39 6RJ
Sunnyside L39 6RL
The Serpentine L39 6RN L39 6RW
Middlewood Drive L39 6RP
Bleasdale Close L39 6RU
Northway L39 6RX
Sefton Gardens L39 6RY L39 6RZ
St Michael Road L39 6SA
Church Lane L39 6SB
Holt Coppice L39 6SD
Town Green Lane L39 6SE L39 6SF
Bold Lane L39 6SG L39 6SH L39 6SQ
Beech Road L39 6SJ
Sandy Lane L39 6SL
Brookfield Lane L39 6SN L39 6SP
Mickering Lane L39 6SR
Smithy Lane L39 6SS L39 7JS
Springfield Road L39 6ST
Swan Lane L39 6SU
Back Lane L39 6SX
Butchers Lane L39 6SY
Bowkers Green Lane L39 6SZ
Ledson Grove L39 6TB
The Rowans L39 6TD
Old Rectory Green L39 6TE
St Michaels Park L39 6TF
Elmsfield Park L39 6TJ
Church View L39 6TQ
Sagar Fold L39 6TR
Belvedere Park L39 6TT
Town Green Gardens L39 6UH
Chisnall Brook Close L39 7AB
Mill Lane L39 7HJ
Altcar Lane L39 7HN
Formby Lane L39 7HQ
Broad Lane L39 7HS
Mairscough Lane L39 7HT
Acres Lane L39 7HU
Flatmans Lane L39 7HW
Black A Moor Lane L39 7HX
Sumner Avenue L39 7HY L39 7HZ
Moss Lane L39 7JA
Riding Lane L39 7JD
School Lane L39 7JE L39 7JF L39 7JG
Queens Green L39 7JH
Woods Close L39 7JL
Station Road L39 7JN L39 7JW
Rosemary Lane L39 7JP
Wanishar Lane L39 7JR
Southport Road L39 7JU
Jacksons Close L39 7LD
Bye Lane L39 7LS
Parrs Lane L39 5BR
The Grove L39 6RA
St. Michaels Park L39 6TG
Delf Lane L39 7JJ
Gorsey Lane L39 7JT
Riding Close L39 7LP